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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chitika Publisher and Referral Sign Up

Chitika is one of popular on leads for Online Pay Per Click industry. There are FREE SIGN up for Publisher (blogger, site owner) to looking for monetize they blog to earn more online money (which is same as Google Adsense, Adbrite etc). Chitika running concept is the Ads for Right User, Right Time and Right Place for advertiser and publisher between on Online World Wide Market Place.

Chitika have offer the GREAT PROGRAM we called Referral's Program which you are free to REFER / RECOMMENDED to your friends, colleagues, visitors etc to participate into Chitika together to monetize for online advertising money, and you are earn some percentage commission from your Referral Publisher and Advertiser. Which you will get 10% from your referrals.

Once your your application is successful approving, then log in to your member account and you should have two type Referral Link, one is Publisher and other one is Advertiser.

Chitika Publisher Banner
Get Chitika Premium

  Chitika Advertiser Banner
Get Chitika eMiniMalls

You can get more FAQ details from official website, and REMEMBER do not do any spamming action when you are start to promote and want to refer to expand your referral's wide.

Chitika are safe together with Google Adsense into same page or blog. Because Chitika Ad units are NOT CONTEXTUAL and DO NOT LIKE ADSENSE UNITS (from official FAQ page)

How PUBLISHER sign up and get approving from your submit application. I have do the following step to get approved.

Whether you are getting approved or not, you need to carefully for your Email Address register Profile, Your Blog Account Profile, Your Blog About Me, Your Blog Title and Content Writing (read chitika term and condition which are allowed or not allowed), as long as your Title and Content Post is not related to any pirated, adult contents, spam content then it should be OK to process for signing up.

I have success approved from signing up after 24hours. You can try with my guideline but I not 100% guarantee you can approved from chitika publisher signing up.

The below step is including for NEWBIE and MASTER (if you are PRO on NET then just SKIP TO STEP 5). If you are U.S based then the below maybe not suited to you since YAHOO PUBLISHER new program being link to Chitika Publisher, try with this NEW BETA from launching.

1.) Open your Wordpad, save as the file name such as "My Profile Details" at your prefer folder for backup. After that just copy and paste for each time signing up of field. I prefer do this all for my affiliate program sign up etc.
- Your Real name
- Your Valid Full Living Address (one is just for simple display normal at Public Online Profile, and another one must enter full when apply for any affiliate program etc which let company to issued for your cheque payment purpose)
- Your contact number (some application is required)
- Your valid Email Address (the company mails can be easy reached you
- Your Blog URL, or Website URL
- Your Paypay Account - Email Address (just simple register one as FREE, choice for Personal, Premier and Business version, many affiliate program issue payment with Paypal option. I used Business version, all is FREE JOIN but is pay later when have transaction)
- Your Blog or Website Title- Your Blog or Website Description
- Your Blog or Website keyword (some program need it)
- Your Hobbies (some program need it)
- Your Interested (some program need it)
- Music Favorite (enter it at your Google Blogger Profile)
- Movie Favorite (enter it at your Google Blogger Profile)
- About Yourself Short (enter it at your Google Blogger Profile)
- About Yourself Long (enter it at your Google Account Profile)

2.) Now, try register one account at Google, THINK the specify unique name you are looking RELATED to your Blog (e.g. mycomputecenter, mybloggerblogging, mybeautysalon etc)
- Go to Google, or Google Gmail and click Sign Up Account

- Enter all the requirement for each field with real information and SAVE your Google Username and Password at other wordpad or notepad file if you cant remember or write it at your diary book.

- Now go to Google Account Profile page, you can find it at your Google Gmail main page at SETTING, OR direct go to here and signing with your Google Username and Password

- Click Edit Profile, and Enter More information through at here. If you have write your information at Wordpad, then just Copy and Paste for each Field.

Tips :
* You not need to enter any full address at this profile if not prefer for publicity to reach you so easy. You can just enter City, State, Postcode, Country.
* You not need to enter your Phone Number contact if you are not prefer to do it
* Try upload your own Photo without any copyrighted, pirated, spam from other people, animal, company photo.

NOTE : Make your Google Account Profile visible to public for search engine

- Click Edit profile , go to Contact, and Enter more information for your current work

3.) Now go to Google Blogger, you can go By Blogger, Blogspot URL
- Signing In with your Google Username and Password

- Create The Display Name to be appear for your Each Post

- Create your Blog URL unique name, if available try to used same as your Google Email Address unique name, if not available then at begin or end add some related keywords (e.g 1, mycomputercenter.blogspot.com, or e.g. 2 mycomputercentertipstricks.blogspot.com)

- Now, Creative your Blog Title

- Now, Write the good description to match and related to your Blog Title

- Now go to your Google Blog Profile, and enter all the required information for each field. Please enter the real information and do not any playful information at your profile. And upload your Photo same with your Google Account Profile photo.

- Start to write your First, Second, Third Post at your Google Blog.

NOTE : Make your Google Blog Profile and your Blog visible to public for search engine

Templates Of Your Blog :- You can create your own Templates and save it at your Wordpad for each time to used for every post for copy and paste.


Content Post Writing

Your Nick or Real Name
Decided Your Own Job Position
Some other Ads Words you want to promote yourself at each post

4.) Go to Google Analytic, and Google Webmaster to create for account and enter the required code into your Google Blog HTML Page. Click each of them to read more at New Windows. And Ping your Blog at here.

Ping FM
Google Ping
Ping IN
Ping O Matic
Ping My Blog
Ping OAT
Auto Pinger
Technorati Ping
Ping Ninja

Some of them are ping to same directory service name, please unchecked if you have ping one time at the same day. And avoid for any spamming for ping service.

5.) Now go to Chitika Publisher Account, and sign up one for FREE, and enter all your REAL INFORMATION same to your Google Account Profile, Google Blog Profile. Enter your Blog URL, and Blog Title, Blog Description with same as your Google Blog Title and Description

* If approved, save your Chitika Username and Password at your notepad, wordpad for future each time to used.

- If your Chitika Applicant is REJECTED, then refer back to your Profile details, and Post title, and Post Content for Chitika Terms and Condition.

- If your Chitika Applicant is APPROVED, then just go to your Chitika Member account page.
You can read more information for HOW TO INSERT YOUR CHITIKA ADS CODES into your Google Blog

Chitika Publisher, if you look for earning online money

Chitika Advertiser, target your market audience

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