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Friday, November 26, 2010

Commission Junction Affiliate

Publisher's Make Online Money Through Commission Junction Affiliate, It Is An Online Global Leader In Affiliate Industry.

Commission Junction also abbreviation for "CJ", Is Global Marketplace For Advertisers And Publishers. And Offers Affiliate Programs For Physical & Services Type (different than Clickbank - Digital Products, read more on this article "Clickbank Affiliate Program")

As Advertiser's, they are looking the good way to promote or sold out their products through the Website, and increased the company sales profit. The publisher, while are looking the other method of Online Revenue to Make More Online Money to changed the life situation without any biggest investment capital.

If you are both of this or one of them, CJ is an excellent Online Solution Marketplace for you. You can visit the CJ FAQ section for more information.

There are a lot of branded local and online company which have used the CJ Advertiser Solution Management such as Yahoo, Norton, Dell, Buy, Zappos, Home etc.

And the Advertiser's Industry are range from Accessories, Automotive, Books/Media, Educational, Computer & Electronics, Sports & Fitness and so on.

As Publisher's, you need have own Website or Blog to apply as CJ Publisher, find the suitable Advertisers which as possible to match with your main content of your site.

You will get paid for every sale and lead you generate when somebody (Online Visitor') are buying the CJ Advertiser's through the Affiliate Links / Banners etc at your Site or Online Social Community. You should take time to read more how to maintain on long term top performing as Publisher on CJ.

There are no cost to sign up as CJ Publisher, however you need to be active in every 6 months which to maintain for your account as active status.

The only job you do is keep promote the Advertiser's Affiliate Materials (such as link, text, banner, flash etc) on the suitable Online Advertising Place, such as at your Website, Blog, Online Profile, Online Social Community, Email Marketing etc.

The more higher quality and drive traffic on your site, the much higher chance that you can have the Relationship with branded company such as Yahoo, Norton etc, and to promote they Affiliate Referral Materials to your targeted audience. When one of them are buying or lead through the Affiliate Referrals Links etc, then you will get the paid from that advertiser.

To become as Commission Junction Publisher, just follow the below step :
* Before start sign up, make sure you have own Website, or Blog to process. And the content come with basic quality (few pages, or article etc) and match to the terms and condition.

* Go to Publisher CJ Application

* Choose and select the proper answer which suited to you on Step 1.

* You need to scroll down at "Service Agreement" (read all) table and click ACCEPT, before go through more details you need to click for CHECK BOXES, and enter information.

* Enter all the proper information with required fields, and ACCEPT TERMS. Go to your Email Inbox and check the mail and do the Verification & Confirmation. You are Done.

Now take time and log in to your CJ Publishers Dashboard and read each of the section before you start apply for Advertiser's Affiliate.

I personally highly recommended that you target the Advertisers which are suite to your Site Content and only few of them. And used more time to do more Online Advertising of the Advertiser Affiliate Referral Materials (links, banners etc). Once you see the result, you are go through other step to join with more Advertiser Affiliate.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Clickbank Affiliate Program

Best Online Money Opportunity Earning For Everyone Become 
As Affiliate's On ClickBank Affiliate Program.

Over 10,000 Online Digital Products To Be Promoting With Best Affiliate Marketing Tools Providing.

If you are blogger or website owner, ClickBank Affiliate Program is one of great chance for you to monetized more Online Money through your site traffic. The more traffic or subscriber's you have, the more you can gain the sales leads. And there are not cost you anything to put the affiliate link's on your blog, website etc.

You Even Not Need :
- Have Website

- Have Own Product

- Know About HTML/JavaScript

You Only Know That :
- There Are FREE SIGN UP As Affiliates

- Know The Way To Promote The Product With Affiliate Tools Provided

- Able To Daily Work On Computer For Online Promoting

- Little Know How To Post At Classified, Ezines, Articles etc

- Know To Build Social On Facebook / Twitter etc, and Share With Your Social Friends.

- You Have Chance Earn Up USD10,000 Per Month Depend On Your Hard & Smart Work Through Online Promoting.

The Basic Marketing Tools You Will Have :
- Get Your Own Unique ClickBank Affiliate ID - Sign Up Now.

- Text Ads Builder

- Tabbed Ad Box Builder

- Vendors & Advertisers Provided Affiliate Tools.

- INSTANT share with your FACEBOOK Social Friends With "LIKE" on Vendor Affiliate Panel.

The Best Thing Is....YOU NOT NEED to have APPLY and wait for APPROVED from the Advertisers. You can promote any type of categories on ClickBank Marketplace Affiliate...Choose Which Are Suited To You Only...

How To Start, Simple..Just Follow Like Below :
* GO here to create your own ClickBank Account Now - IS FREE.

* Affiliate / Vendors Sign Up Form Are Same. Make sure you have fill up everything with required.

* Once Complete Sign Up, go to your own member area.

* Find at "Market Place" and find the suitable Affiliate Categories.

* Click on the Vendor Affiliate which you want to do promote for them.

* Used the provided affiliate tools to promote it at Online Marketing As You Know.